AV TO VGA Converter
AV TO VGA Converter
Model:   NS1939
Video-VGA Converter
External TV-to-VGA Digital Scan Converter
resolutions up to 1024x768 x 16.x x 16.7 million colours
Features Technical Application
1.External TV-to-VGA Digital Scan Converter

2.Superior image quality with resolutions up to 1024x768 x 16.7 million colours.

3.Simultaneous display on Personal Computer and TV

4.Simultaneous display on laptop LCD and television

5.No settings to alter or adjust on PC or Laptop

6.Four line buffer technology for sharp flicker free images on the TV screen 10-bit output D/A converter

8.Simultaneous Composite and S-Video output.

9.PAL/NTSC switcher fits different TV standard in different countries

Advanced scan frequency improves the technique, Refresh rate can be easily switched between 60HZ—75HZ, while the pictures don’t flick.

Resolving capability can be easily switched among  ( 640*480/800 *600/1024 *768/1280 *1024 /1440 *900/1680 *1050 ) , CRT MONITOR and LCD MONITOR are compatible.

The Function of Extra Strong 3D image denoising makes the pictures clear and steady.

 Distinguishing PIP function, and the size and position of the windows can be adjusted.

The AV/S terminator input interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2/Game Console etc.

Broadband PC/TV selector switch(200MHZ)

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